Haute Dog Fashions

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Welcome to Haute Dog Fashions 

The idea for this company came from my own sweet doxies, I own 2 of them but have a total of 7 of them in my heart! A whole family and an "adopted" sister! I don't have all 7 with me but as you can tell I am an animal lover with an affinity towards Dachshunds! 

In my quest to find cute clothes for them, I decided to start altering larger sizes to fit my long-little-doggies more comfortably and now have a line specifically for them! I a very excited and we will have a lot more coming in the future!

We will be working with charities, pet rescues and adoptions so please, don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions and busniness propositions!

Enjoy and please come back often, we have many more styles coming every day!!!

~ Whitney Harchanko, Founder - CEO